Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Sedition Wars - Kickstarter continues to be a success

I just received Wave 1 of my Sedition Wars Pledge goodies. A boxed set of the game, plus the extras for Wave 1: Patch, dice, cards, signed print, bases, and a bunch of extra minis, plus a resin Kara that is sculpted in incredibly fine detail.

Nincely done McVey Studios(always liked Mike's stuff), Cool Mini, and Kickstarter.

Success number 2 for me on Kickstarter. Number three is awaiting the Reaper madness. I was very satisfied with number 1, Zombiecide. so overall, my experience has been quite good. Assuming Reaper delivers on their promises, it will be amazing in Value, and Quality. I am not as bent out of shape about any delays cause this is a drop in the proverbial bucket when it comes to minis. I just hope its a fun game to play.


Spacejacker said...

Nice! I got my Dreadball Striker set finally.. The box was a bit bashed in the mail, but everything inside was intact. So much painting ahead :/

MIK said...

I would've snatched up Sedition Wars in a heartbeat had I known about it. I need to pay more attention in the future! Looks great, let us know how it plays...and paints!

Lead Addict said...

The figures are a little on the fair side, as is McVey's ususal sculpting. Ive been painting Front Rank Spanish so they absolutely dwarf these guys. They look very nice. We shall see.