Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Khurusan Jasmine Throne Foreign Battalion

I wanted these guys so badly when they were teased at us for what seemed like a year. They have been subsequently released, but my focus on Nappies and Kickstarters and such has gotten me away form a massive list models I want to buy from Khurusan, including these.

So I think I will ask for them from the Mistress for an upcoming BDay. Which of course got me to thinking, What the hell will I use for their Armor and transport and support vehicles?

Here are the final figs of the 5 packs of the JTFB:

Great stuff. And I will be painting them like Alien Legion. White Armor, Black Undersuit etc.

So, just rifling around Khurusans site I think maybe this is what I will go with for a start for the vehicles:

The Felid Lion Class Carrier. A storing, robust and big vehicle with all sorts of room for the varied morphology for the various member races of the JTFB/Legion. And the Big Gun Turret adds some flexibility on punching power. Its styling is futuristic, and still sensible, but it is very distinct. I am sure I will have some difficulty matching a Scout/LtTank/MBT to it.

The Khurusan Neo Soviet walkers are great, and may fit in. The roundness of the crew cabin makes it a tad off.

Maybe speeders or trikes from GZG?:

I think the Wheeled alternative to the Lions is from GZG:

I love this model. It also walks that fine line between believable and  SciFi high tech.


I shall keep thinking on it. Thoughts by you dear reader?

Its an amazing time for 15mm. No doubt. The selection we have now is almost embarrassing.


Simon Q said...

They are very nice figures and the vastly different anatomy of them all is great. As for vehicles I think you'd be spoilt for choice really. Perhaps have a lot more hover/grav type vehicles.

styx said...

Wow, I like those aliens, I may have to file them away and when the Tau drop if there is a unit I can fit them into I will....they are damm nice looking models and full of variety.

Spacejacker said...

I have all these finally in hand, and I've still only managed to paint 3 :(

If you're going Legion, you have to do some kind of hover vehicle, or the classic Legion landing shuttle!

Lead Addict said...

I know, they should be hover/grav craft, but I just don't have any I like, except the low tech ones from GZG. And they don't seem to fit for me.

We shall see. It may just be inspired by AL.

Scott Pyle said...

Gorgeous and inspiring stuff! Those Khurasan minis are on my list!

PMMDJ said...

Was considering the same question for my upcoming army as well. Combat Wombat is tempting, but I do love those Critical Mass Kaamados tanks also...

Lead Addict said...

oh yeah. I had forgotten about the Komodos stuff. I absolutely love the tanks. Good thought.

Lead Addict said...

And Scott, you may be able to use the PF sculpted Legion stuff from Rebel as Heavy armored Alien Legion troops with these. Or strike team stuff. Or as Forlorn Hope for these. Their morphology isn't as wacky, but are nice figs.