Monday, January 21, 2013

Derivan Paints are here, Workshop Organization, and 15mm Sci Fi Brigade Pac Fed Armor

The Derivan paints I ordered from Scale Creep Miniatures got here on Saturday. And man those bottles are twice as big as the Vallejo ones. Colors look good, I put some on my fingers and smashed it around to feel it and see how it covers. Pretty nice. Pigment seems to be ground really well. I am looking forward to trying these out. I kinda wish I would have bought some of the yellows and a few more greens and greys. I think I got all of the browns, reds,  and military colors. So at $1.00 a bottle and $6.00 shipping and suprer fast service, I would say if you want some good back up paints, or some good terrain paints, these would be a great choice. Here are some more in depth reviews at TMP and they are very glowing for this discontinued line of paints.

Thanks for great sale Scale Creep Miniatures!

And all the Chaos on the workbench in the Workshop of Doom has me thinking about organization. Check out this guys great setup. Man am I jealous.

Gret use of a CnC machine and some really nice organizational stuff. I have always liked Miniature Scenery's terrain stuff, and this stuff is just as good. Prices are a little high, but that kind of organization really is nice to have.

And Finally, I was given some helpful thoughts on choosing the right tanks and IFV's for the Jasmine Throne/Alien Legion 15mm Sci Fi troops from Khurasan. Mostly that (as was in the orginal comic) that they should be hover/grav units. And I agree, I just haven't had any I like that walk the less Near Future more Space Opera line that I wanted. But maybe these would:

New Pac Fed Armor from Brigade, based upon their original 6mm line. I really like the looks of them and these may have shot to the top of the list.(minus the MaK armor next to them).

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