Monday, September 24, 2012

Post Apoc Scenery Update

OK this is the last Post Apoc update for a little bit. But I wanted to show you the most recent terrain pieces I finished up this weekend.

New Scatter terrain - Boxes, containers, etc.

Scatter terrain for cover, with water barrels, boxes, containers.

New Chem Plant.

New Chem Plant with previous blowoff stacks piece. 

New 12"x 12" Industrial Concrete Base
And now for some atmospheric shots. Set up is arond the new industrial concrete base. The previously completed Shatytown market and bazaar pieces are on each end. The new industrial chem plant pieces are on each other end. The old generator and the scatter pieces are set around as well. Total size of set up in photos is 12" x 18".

overall shot

Behind a line of scatter terrain

I always forget how much fun the Post Apoc scenery is. I love it every time. I feel like I want to move on with something else now. But, I have more scatter and barrels ready to go. An industrial storage tank and a ruined building that are all ready for paint. I also have a town square garden/village green piece that needs to be completed as well. And I wonder, what happens to all the cemeteries after the Apocalypse? Hmmm.

I put my Spanish Nappies on the painting table last night as a decision of how to move forward. I may have to hurry and paint a division of them so I can get back to this. 

As ususal Happy Apocalypse!!!!

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Spacejacker said...

Awesome! The base plate is the icing, and the pipe farm looks really useful as well as cool. Very inspirational, nice one mate :)