Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Post Apac Fallout /Gamma World Stuff and Samurai?

Hey gang.

I love that the Workshop and Basement of Doom is done. Now, all of the unfinished projects and unpainted lead stare at my back, as I paint, begging to be done.

I thought I would restart my Nappies, but am pausing on that so it can be a winter project. Along with either my Vikings or Fantasy. And if the mercenary box set gets released by xmas, then a new War of the Roses project will start, Perry minis of course. Especially since they announced the heavy cav plastics as well.

So til then, I am being very productive. I have cranked out a couple dozen survivors for my post apoc/fallout/union archology stuff. And started cranking out monsters, mutants and insane robots. 

Tons more done too. Getting close on this one. I have 3 new warbands to paint that are nice and Gamm Worldy, so I will finish those, add a couple more beasties, and finish a couple of terrain peices and we should be ready to go for a while.

I started repainting my 6mm sci fi armor and infantry to play with Future War Commander. Haven't played yet, but on the third read through of the rules, it finally clicked, so I am looking forward to the first games. Ultimately I want to play FWC with 15mm. So I need to get painting on all my GZG, Critical Mass, and Khurasan goodies. That will be a fall project as well. I have the GArns and Alien Mercs painted, but both need armor support. My Critical Mass Light Recon are on sticks and primed. They are on deck.

As is my Super Hero stuff. Got a bunch of it mounted., primed and ready to go. In the past one of my problems was wanting to do a project, but it wasn't ready to paint. So by the time I was done, basing, doing ground basing, and priming, I needed a break. So I have working on getting a lot of things ready to just pick up and paint when ready. So its great. I can be as flakey as I want.

And as if all that wasn't enough, and its not, I got bored last weekend waiting for the paint to dry on my rad scorpions(above) that I pulled out my Old Glory 28mm Samurai that are mounted individually and rebased them all for Commands and Colors, my new Ancients/Medieval rules of choice. After consulting with the Baron, I settled on 50mm Square bases. I now have 12 units for C&C of Samurai. And have about 36 more unpainted. But that may change, as Samurai were really my intro to historical gaming in DBA. So here they are, unflocked, but ready to be finished. Pics aren't great.

Oh, and that Lizardman book on the floor in the first Samurai pic is to help my son pic the colors for his Lizardman Blood Bowl Team that I am going to help him paint.

Recruits is this weekend. should be a whirlwind. Not hosting a game, may do a table to sell stuff.


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Hi there,

very nice stuff. Who makes the big bot kind of "buggy" looking on the third picture???

ken said...

it's one of the Huge series Star Wars Collectable Miniatures. Not sure of the exact name of the fig.