Monday, May 3, 2010

It continues...

The remodel of what I am now calling the basement of doom continues. Its geting close though. I should be done by June. If so that would be heaven. We have flooring, tiling, the bar, fuixtures and trim to do.

It looks good. But I am biased. I really just want it done. I want to paint and build terrain.

So as I looked at the Lead Adventure forum today I was struck by the abundance of excellent pulp/retro post apocalyptic stuff going on by everyone. Now post apoc is one of my all time favorites, but I wasn't sure about all this 1950's post apoc, but i think i am sold. and its the Marx Toys future cars and the skillful use of them by everyone on the forum that did it. In particular poster: Majorsmith has done some knock out stuff.

Here's some shots that really sold it for me. So now its not enough to do Post Apocalyptic gaming, I have genres : Gritty near future post apoc (Mad Max, postman, the road, children of men, the stand-kinda), Fallout type 1950's vault dweller, and Cinematic (add whatever you want here, gamma world, type mutant fests where there is no holds barred, ). Geez and I thought Nappies was complicated.