Thursday, April 15, 2010

Battle Lore!


The Baron and I have been talking about doing a miniatures/tabletop version of BattleLore for some time. I have an obscenely big collection of 15mm Demonworld figs(I just delivered the whole Dwarf Army to the BAron last night for painting) and thay have just been sitting doing nothing for a long time. Only about 1/3 of them are painted.

So we decided to play Battle Lore, with 15mm fantasy, on the table top with 5" hexes, and 50mm x25mm infantry and 50mm x 50mm cav stands. # of figs per stand varies, but generally:

Hvy (RED)Inf - 6 figs
Reg (BLUE)Inf - 4-6 figs
Light Inf (GREEN)- 3-4 figs
Monster Inf - 1-3figs(or as fits and looks good)
Hvy Cav(RED) - 3-4 figs
Med Cav(BLUE) - 3 figs
Lt Cav/Small Flyers(Green) - 1-2 figs

Number of stands is:
RED Inf = 4
BLUE Inf=4
GREEN Inf = 3
All Cav = 3
Monsters =1-4

I just got what is painted of my wood elf and Orcs armies rebased on the fabulous Litko bases, and we were off to the races. We decided to playtest last night with waht we had. About 12 units a side, Myself, the Baron, and my youngest(7), Vs Scott(one of the Basement Generals), and the Baron's son(9), and my niddle son(10).

We used the hexless rules that were developed for Commands and Colors(sister to Battle Lore) and it worked fine. The Orcs won a very marginal victory. I llike the hexless system and I love the overall play of the C&C/BL system. Its by Richard Borg, and its a graceful, elegant, no rules lawyering, no munchining,no gamey BS is allowed kinda rules set. Simple, fun, with ehough tactical interest for us old grognards, and easy enough for 3 kids to play under the age of 10 and get it. 

I will say that all said and done, I prefer the hexes, so we have to make our own hex mat, but no sweat. I am really jonesing to keep painting these Demonworld guys, and its a tragedy that they are not avaolable anymore. BEtter than most 28mm fantasy lines. They are a joy to paint.

So as much as I decided to never paint another 15mm fig again, I am now painting Fantasy, Sci Fi(my new love), and will probably buy a couple of ancients armies to play C&C with. We are already talking about a straight medieval port of it. And the new Napoleonic set of C&C is coming soon as well. It sure is nice when you find a system you like.

BTW, I blatantly stole the BL banner above from the Battle Lore Master website. Go there if you have any interest in the game. And the Fantasy Flight Games site has all of the rules downloadable for FREE!  

More on this project as it progresses. Thanks to the Baron for hosting. As always, check out the BArons post on last night at: