Thursday, May 13, 2010

What I Painted at Lunch - WIPAL

I am starting a new project here at Lead Addict. Its called What I Painted at Lunch, or WIPAL for short. Since I really need to not go out and buy $10.00 lunches all week long, I have been brown bagging it on left overs. Its very hard, and without the interwebs, it would be nearly impossible. But I may have found a solution - painting.

I have tried this before, with no regular success, but maybe puttig it up will make me paint on my lunch hour instead of just surfing. And since the basement of doom precludes me from painting at home, this may give me a much needed fix for that too.

So here is my office and window. great view and a drawing table that is great for painting at, especially with all of the natural light.

Here is my paint box. My son's paints and holder that he doesn't use. Good paints too, the Reaper Master series. I like them and they are close to vallejo game color.

I have a bunch of figs. Post Apocalypse stuff of the old kind: Old school Citadel Gangers. I have been waiting a long time to paint these. Also throw in a Spyrer from Necromunda for good measure. Gonna use them for Necormunda/Mutants and Deathray Guns/Atomic Cafe. I'm in a nuke em all sort of mind right now.

I also have a selection of Reaper Fantasy guys too as back up. Its actually the last few of my goal for Fantasy guys for Song of Blades and Heroes and RPG figs. One of my Projects for the winter that the basement of doom derailed. 

And a whole box of 15mm Demonworld elf figs for my Battle Lore project:

So here's What I Painted at Lunch - 5/13/2010:

Group Photo: All Citadell. All old. l to r: A Necormunda Spryer, Ganger, Adeptus Mechanicus
Adeptus Mechanicus going to be repurposed as ancient Power Armor for MDRG. Love this fig. It looks like the armor from Fallout 3
Citadel Spyrer from Necromeunda. Had all the Spyrers. Totally unfair, but a blast to play. She will be a part of my tech gang. With a mix of really old tech gangers and Van Saar's.
another shot of her
A misc ganger guy.

So that's it. I got prety far on 2 figs, statred on a 3rd while ink was drying on the other two. I would like to do 3-5 figs a week. Over the summer that would be 36-60 figs. That would be sweet. When I finish these guys, i will bring on some Copplestone Future Wars stuff.

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