Sunday, February 1, 2009

Latest Terrain Project for Near Future Sci Fi

Here's a project I did over the weekend in about 10 hours. Its a near future industrial building - transfer station/pumping station/genearting station/power station/etc.

It started as an 18 egg carton. I always looked at it upside down as some sort of sci fi element. I would say that any kind of industrial packaging can be made into sci-fi terrain. And I'll show you in future updates!

Anyway, gator board was used for the bulking up, with plastruct I, H, truss and a set of stairs, and diamond plate. wall caps are from old warhammer chaos spell cards ( a great source of construction card), and the railings are wire screen. Additional valves, screens, hand wheels and corner lights are from a visit to the lego store at Disney. Fill up a bucket of parts that you pick. I have 2 boxes full of random detailing parts that are great.

Paint next.

Also is a couple of pics of my Armorcast soda can tanks. Ready to be painted as well. Armorcast makes some great resin terrain at a reasonmable price.

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