Friday, February 13, 2009

High Elves - Progress

Well, I have built and ready to paint so far:

(1) High Elf Prince on Dragon (Hero/General)
(3) Bolt Throwers and crew
(1) unit of 8 Silver Helms (will upgrade to 12)
(1) unit of 10 Armored spearmen(will upgrade to 12) (already painted from a deal on ebay)
(1) unit of 16 Archers (will upgrade to 20)
(1) Commander on Steed with Lance (hero)
(1) unit of 12 Shadow Warriors

Up next:

Unit of Phoenix Guard
Unit of Swordmasters
Unit of 24 spearmen
Unit of 24 Sea Guard
Unit of 12 Archers
Unit of 12 Dragon Princes
Unit of Bolt Throwers
Unit of White Lions

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