Monday, February 16, 2009

ADD update

OK, I didn't make it to the painting stage, so the High elves have been put back into the closet of doom. I have realized that if I start to sort or clean out the Closet of Doom, I get distracted by the next pretty box. So...

On to 15mm WWII. Not sure if i like Flames of War. Everyone I game with says its really gamey. Not a big fan of gamey. I love the concept of Corssfire. I have heard Blitzkreig Commander is very good. So I will take advatage of all the FoW fury right now to get good cheap miniatures, use their basing system, and play whatever I want. I'll try anything once.

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Anonymous said...

The pictures turned out great Ken. Thanks for taking the time to immortalize the game.

As an aside, do you think Al resembles Kutusov in the picture of his ill-fated assault on the town? You have to close one eye and imagine a big coat covering up the Maltese Cross, but I think the resemblance is uncanny.