Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Nappies, and other stuff

Well, continued phase I Nappies over the weekend. satred on the arty for Phase I and II.

I have pants done, jackets base painted and flesh base painted and inked on 3 foot arty units and 3 horse arty units for the Brits.

The cannons mock me. But little do they know how quickly they will get painted.

After that the Hvy Dragoons and some command stands.

I plan on finishing Phase I end of Nov, first of Dec, while my wife plays the new WoW expansion. So I can check someting off the list.

I need to take pics of my WiP. I am terrible about that.

I also have about 3/4 of the Vikings cleaned, based and ground.

Ground is short for applying basing paste or other flocking, sand etc prior to priming so the basing is almost done when you complete the figs. I only do this for individually based figs. Baron Von Jaye turned me on to Resin Sand from Liquitex. Its a paste that dries clear but hase some sand texture to it. Perfect for that first base coat prior to leaves, grass, rocks, etc.

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