Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Napoleonics Update

I am working on a nice sized Pennisular British Army in 28mm. We play Age of Eagles, and a simpler, house rules version of Fire and Fury.

So far 6 infantry units done, 3 arty units ready to paint, and a unit of dragoons and command are first phase.

Second phase is 4 more infantry units, 2 units of highlanders, an Hussar unit, and a Lt dragoon unit, 3 horse arty units.

Third Phase is some Allies - the Spanish, and maybe a Portugese unit or two.

Pics to come. Some of the best units I have painted. Painted all 96 figs at one time. Its a real march, but to have 6 units completed at the end was really worth it. I will do all uniformed armies like this from now on.

French are after the Spanish.

this is one of those lifetime sets of Armies, mostly because of how slow I paint, but it will be worth it.

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