Tuesday, November 4, 2008


So I think this winter I will be putting up lots of pictures of the hordes of painted and unpainted lead in my CLOSET OF DOOM.

I am sometimes sickened by it, always in awe of it, and frankly sometimes when I look at the boxes of unpainted lead in it, I close it and turn around and go upstairs to play World of Warcraft, defeated by the mere thought of how to wade through the masses.

But I have a renewed vigor and interest and I want to get it painted, and most of all I want to play. and I have my sons who are just dying for the chance.

I am truly obsessed and addicted to miniatures. Not as bad as some I know, but addicted none the less.


1. Continuing the Nappy Penninsular Project

2. Painting my 100+ man Viking Warband

3. Painting 4-6 Units for Dark Ages Arthur/Fall of Rome

4. Painting 4-6 Units of Saxons

5. Getting the nerve to paint the Perry's Crusaders/Normans 2-3 Units

6. Painting enough sci-fi stuff to play Space Hulk games in my new Dwarven Forge Sci Fi Terrain

7. Help my 8 yr old paint his High Elf Army 4 units at least.

8. Paint some of my ground troops for Hollow Shell 4-5 units

9. Paint 3 Fleets for Hollow Shell

Quite a list...think I might just go play WoW just thinking about it.

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