Monday, December 21, 2015

Vacation Means Workshop of Doom Fun!

Well fair readers of the old Blog, it's been a really busy couple of years for the Leadaddict. Between Coaching Football, Being a Football Parent, selling my business, huge demands at work, and an incredibly busy family life, there ain't been many candles burned in the old Workshop of Doom.

But I am here to tell you, the ole addict is gonna have some time to hit this thing right. Starting tomorrow I am on vacation til January 4th. And beside all of my family and friend commitments and the holiday, this old grognard is gonna paint and build armies and terrain. I can't wait. Here's what's on the block to be worked on. A nice mix of old and new:

Lead Addict's Vacation Projects 

28mm Post Apoc Teams
High Elves – Singles
High Elves – Bases
Dwarven – Singles
Frost Grave
·         3 Warbands
·         4 Special Characters
·         Undead

28mm Post Apoc
Epic Buildings

I have gotten all of the Frostgrave stuff from the first two Nickstarters and have been working on terrain, so I am looking forward to finishing some ruins and knocking out some warbands.

Since Dragon Rampant is coming out soon, I need to get some armies ready for that. I have Undead mostly done, generic human medieval (bretonnians) mostly done, and a couple of units of Dwarves started. Need to get a full complement of High Elves and Dwarves finished.

A couple of us Basement Generals have agreed to dust off our Necromunda and play some this winter, I have 3 gangs done, time to dust off the unpainted ones and paint them up and have more options and base paint my terrain.

And as the Baron and I get ready for our Fistful of Lead: Wasteland Warriors Kickstarter, time to paint some more figs and finish more have finished terrain.

And I continue to lust after Onslaughts Epic figs. So I may put in a small notTau order and have some 6mm fun as well.

Ambitious. Yes, But as I get back into the swing of things, I wanted to limit my choices, but have a variety I would enjoy. So If I get a unit form each category I'll be happy. We shall see...

Best wishes and Merry Christmas to all

Lead Addict

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