Friday, December 11, 2015

Fistful of Lead: Wasteland Warriors Playtest

Hey fellow Addicts! It's been a while on the ole Lead Addict site. But I wanted to do a couple of things.
Mr. Ropers Cash and Carry Outlet
First Congrats to The Baron! His Fistful of Lead Reloaded Kickstarter campaign was fully funded at about 2.5X his funding level. That's awesome.Congrats buddy!

So that means great things for Fistful of Lead and all of the future variants we have planned. From Horse and Mustket, to Space Opera and Sci Fi Spec Ops, to Delving in those deep dark dungeons, Fistful of Lead is such a flexible, elegant, modifiable, and playable system, we think you could use it, with modifications for genre and flavor, for almost anything. Keeping the emphasis on playing the game with your friends and not on rules. 

So off the excitement of that accomplishment, a celebratory shot of Knob Creek, we dove into a playtest of Fistful of Lead: Wasteland Warriors. The Post Apoc version of the game. A draft of the basic rules has been around for a while, but we have still have much to ring out of the original ideas. Above all the mods and the chrome it has to be fun, simple, playable, and satisfying.

Shot of the Western Ruins
Much fun was had. We had 7 Basement Generals playing last night. We could have accommodated 2-3 more. That's how flexible the game system is. It's great for cons and for home play. Or even head to head. Thanks BG's for the play.

Simple scounge scenario. Start on an edge. Scrounge for loot. Battle the environment and the other players. Whoever comes out alive with the most loot wins.

Where there's ruins, there's shanties...and Plainstalkers.
We use a simple card driven combined search and event deck. Move to an object, use an action to search, pull a card. You could get stashes of cash. We call them ducats (pronounced duck-its). or wasteland trash like a filthy feather boa or toy ray gun. Or loot weapons and equipment. Or an event card for a wasteland monster, building collapse, or rad rain. It's the luck of the draw. 

An Protectron MkI Murderbot rushes to attack!
Everyone usually starts pretty hot and heavy looting things, but after a couple of radiation pools, some collapse damage, and a battle with a Plainstalker...all for a can of beans and an empty plastic bottle, everyone backs off searching and starts shooting, trying to loot the other players.

The abandoned Mansion always hides loot.

It was a good test. Nice to dust the terrain and figs off. much work to be done to get them where we want them and then the writing of the advanced rules, bestiary, and campaign rules.

Is that a rad pool or something more sinister.

It was fun to see the BG's and run a game. Thanks for hosting Baron at the Chateau. Looking forward to a long xmas break and getting some painting and gaming in. Hope you do too. Happy gaming!

I liked how well this guy blended into the rubble. You could barely spot him.



Simon Quinton said...

Sounds good I love Post Apoc so shall be following with interest.

Jon F said...

That was fun. Good job, KB, and beautiful terrain.