Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Inspired? Maybe...Mayhem

My work load and coaching schedules really wreaked havoc on my interest in gaming this fall. And once you are out of it for a while, at least for me, it takes a bit to get back in. But I found myself with a few hours on sunday after the Chiefs game (I hate you crybaby Phillip Rivers), so I cleaned up the Workshop of Doom, it was an absolute mess, and thought about what to work on.

I have talked about scraping, gluing to paint sticks and priming figs as prep for when the weather turns. I am absolutely surrounded by primed and ready figs. So of course, I started a newish project.

28mm High Elves.

I had thought I would simply sell my GW 28mm stuff since I was doing big battles with Commands and Colors, and Hail Caesar! Fantasy in 15mm. Wasn't going to do anything but individually mounted warbands (30-40 figs) in 28mm. But then I played Mayhem at the Baron's Chateau and thought that I could paint about 60 figs and have a nice sized contingent for the game. Its a pretty fun game. Get it at Wargame Vault. A base is a unit. We use 60mm stands. That's up to 8 figs a stand depending on the size of the figs.

So I broke out that way to big and old High Elf army sitting in boxes and still shrink wrapped in many cases, and voila! I have on paint sticks 2 Units of Spear, 2 Units of Bow, 3 Units of Bolt Throwers, 1 Unit of Halberds, 1 Unit of Axes, 1 Unit of Great Swords, 1 Unit of Light Bow, 2 Units of Cav, 1 Dragon, General Stand, 1 Hero, 1 Magic User. That's a Total of 72 figs and its a complete faction.
GW house painted Phoenix Guard. Some of my favorite figs and a great paint job.
When we played the other night we had 6-7 units and a General stand. The above gives me 14 units and a General, Hero and Mage. So lots of options. And can also Double as 2 factions.

Not mine either, but very nice and clean. I like them.

I hope to get the basic units done over thanksgiving break. We shall see. My brother and sister in-law are coming for thanksgiving so, probably a lot of drinking and less painting.


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Sounds like a plan. Ahh the smell of all that plastic glue :D