Wednesday, November 27, 2013

28mm Samurai...reprise

I gotta break this stuff out again. It's been since 09. I have a this great set up and all the painted figs. I may have posted these a long time ago but ran across them in a folder the other day.

I have asked for the Osprey Ronin rules for xmas so maybe that gives me a chance to break it out. I have a bunch of painted units, but they are painted in my early stages(not great). Those are Old Glory mostly and a few L5R figs. I have all my classic Foundry and GW Oriental Heroes mounted on singles so maybe its time to dip and strip them and repaint them up to current standards. And I have a bunch of unpainted stuff of course. Including my pride and joy, Oriental Heroes Nippon Rocket Launchers.

Meanwhile here's some eye candy that makes me want to return to gaming on the Misty Isle. Terrain is scratchbuilt by me except the mountains, Torii gate and bridge, and rice paddys are by the Baron. :


Jon F said...

Looks like fun. Happy Thanksgiving.

Bill said...

Great terrain. Looking forward to seeing how those rules work.