Monday, August 8, 2011

Post Apoc - Shanty Town and Rubble/Rubbish Piles

Well, I moved on to my Shanty Town and Rubbish Piles for my Post Apoc/Fallout project. I also base painted Post Apoc Building #4 this weekend.

Shanty Town. Here's some pics of the shanties primed, then the first set painted. All told, the first wave of the Shanty Town is 16 shanties. Most in pretty good disrepair, but also some that are faling down, not finished, or burned to the ground. I have been wanting to do a shanty town ever since I saw Gisby's Shanties he did for Kill Zone. Beautiful stuff.

 Finished Shanties, burned down, unfinished, falling down.

Next is the Rubbish Piles. BAses made from CD's. Insulation foam build-ups, then various rubble from straws, balsa, basswood, paper, card, and plastic. 7 total. Great to break up fields of fire.

All of this is to get ready for Recruits in September. We are playtesting the new version of the Fistful of Lead Rules, Wasteland Warriors. Post apoc goodness from The Baron and the Lead Addict.

Hope you enjoy!

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Spacejacker said...

All this stuff is looking great! I'm inspired to do some 15mm PA scenery on CD bases.