Friday, August 12, 2011

Post Apoc Game at the Barons

We played with some of the new post apoc terrain last night to get our feet wet for our Fallout/Post Apoc game for Recruits Con in September.

We are using the new rules The Baron and I wrote. They are a post apoc mod for the published rules the wrote: Fistful of Lead. FoL is an Old West shoot'em up game, using quick resolution, and a card based turn mechanic. Great fun and we have shot up Lesterville on many an occassion.

Well my great skirmish love is post apocalyptic. It's pretty fun to model ruins and with all the great scavenger and mutant figs on the market, its just too fun. So we decided to add a bunch of chrome to FoL, retool a few things, and we now have Fistful of Lead: Warriors of the Wastelands, or FoL:WoW.

We played our first real playtest last night with the Basement Generals. simple looting scenario, but it was fun doing real playtesting with the guys. Thanks for all your suggestions and input.

Here's some picks:

skirmish in Shanty Town

RPG vs Flamethrower

Reese's Boys take a run down the street

Overall Layout with the Generals

Collapsed building with rubble piles and cars

Jackson Drive Playas moving forward against the Muties  

Shotgun vs Machine Gun
It was a fun night. We got some good stuff resolved on some random charts, how to keep the game moving, some weapon rules, etc.

thanks again to the Generals. One thing I do know, I have a lot of painting to do to be ready for the con.   


Scott Pyle said...

Sweet terrain and minis! You guys are my gaming idols!


ken said...

Thanks Scott. I have a long way to to get what I want done. But I can see progress.

Just by your pure enthusiasm, we are getting ready to try ITNE.

Scott Pyle said...

ITEN is well worth the time. And it will be even better when we've polished it up a bit. Craig and co. (and me along with them) are working on a "final" edition for release later this month.


Essjam said...

Sorry I missed this one Ken, looks like it was a blast.