Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Quick Post

Work has been a bear. And I have been obessed with my new ipad, so no painting for me. But, since I took my ipad back to wait for the ipad2, and I just submitted a big project, i found myself with some time.

I have been having a bit of a hard time getting into painting with all the distractions in my life. So in these times, I like to clear off the paint table reassess, and paint one or two smal things to get my juices going. So after the inevitable wandering and browsing in my very own hobby store (my workshop of doom), I found a couple of creatures that made me go hmmm.

For my Fallout/post apoc project, I have been buying plastic bugs in a tube and at the dollar store. Like these giant mutant scorpions and trap door spider I painted last year.

So I broke out a couple of giant wasps and mounted them on flying stands and whalah a couple more creatures of the wastelands for Mutant Future (RPG) or Mutants and Death Ray Guns or our own Fistful of Radiation.

pics tomorrow.

I also did 5 bases of rubble to put my 5 giant Rad Roaches on. MWHAAAAAA! And Giant ants and grass hoppers are next. Really enjoying this. Lets hope this continues for a bit.

Also on my way home from work I stipped at my favorite hole in the wall - Monty's comics and books. Monty's is a used book and comic dealer that opened up part of the shop for gaming. He does old stuff and trade ins so he always has a great selection.

Picked up a Cadian Radio operator (looked nice and post apocalyptic with some minor changes), and an old Reaper Roper. Think I will put weapons in the Ropers hands, put a tattered green stuff sweater on him, and call him Mr. Roper. Desperado, weapons dealer, apartment owner. An homage to Norman Fell(sp?) from Three's Company.

Also picked up a nicelittle find for the middle boy. 1970 editions of the Two Towers and Return of the King, and a 1973 edition of The Fellowship of the Rings. He really likes reading tolkein right now, so thought he might appreciate the find. The whole set for under $2.00.

Gonna paint on the bugs for a while. Paint another gang (old confrontation tech gang) for my Engineers Guild. (Cause in the apocalypse who will have more power than the engineers, if they survive).

Then I will finally finish painting my next post apoc building or two.


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