Monday, March 14, 2011

Post Apoc Rad Insects Part II

Here's the next batch of figs.

First, the in progress shots of the raw figs. Mounted on roofing washers, based with basing gel, insects are all dollar store Halloween Bugs.

Giant Rad Roaches, Centipedes, Bomber Beetles, Fire Ants, Bloat Flies

Next, the giant Centipede Mounds. I really like that I can use these for Post Apoc and Fantasy.

Here are the Rad Roaches. Yuck.

Surrounding another trapped survivor

And the Bloat Flies. These, the Rad Scorpions, and the Rad Roaches are an homage to all of these that I have killed in Fallout 3.

And here's our hapless hero surrounded again. This time by the Bloat Flies. I like how well the bases are blending in. I haven't decided if I am going to add static grass or not to their bases. Probably willl for consistency sake.

That's it. Not much time to paint. Did these in about 2 hour of painting time, 1 hour of prep, 2 days of drying time for the basing material.

Next is some Fire Ants, and a Bomber Beetle. Then a new survivor gang. And finally after that, finish a couple of buildings, and a bunch of rubble.


Scott Pyle said...

Top notch stuff! Loving it!

ken said...


ken said...

Now if only I could take good photographs.

Ella said...

Great details; great job~