Friday, March 6, 2009

Update on Samurai for Recruits

Well here's a terrain update for Recruits.

I have been busy on the second temple set, a Torii archway, and some garden amenities (standing stones for cover, garden with miniature stone pagoda).

I hope to finish painting all of these this weekend, and then make some more walls and finish some more river sections. I think I have enough river painted to do about 16' of table.

Standing garden stones, to evoke the feeling of the mountains in Japanese garden design. also nice to hide behind and get cover from.

A sand garden and stone pagoda with standing stones. I will add foliage when I finish painting and basing.
some walls I made a long time ago. I will finish these and will never make walls like them again. A total pain.

The Torii Arch to the shino temple. To pass through the archway is an act of cleansing. It signifies moving from the mundane to the sacred.

Front shot of the Arch. It is an aquarium piece that was busted and I got on discount.

Forecourt entrance to the new temple. It is removeable.

Shot of the new temple from the forecourt to the main gate, and the walled enclosure behind.

Construction is plastic card, insulation foam, wood dowels, wooden shapes, and balsa wood. All available at Hobby Lobby. I love all of the wooden shapes that are available. they are great for scratch building. Liquitex resin sand for ground covering.

Shot with the temple building inserted. I scratch built the temple from balas and bass wood and plastistruct HO scale tiles. In some Japanese temple traditions some temples would be burnt to the ground every generation and then rebuilt for the next generation to do the same. what a wonderful tradition. you can see another gate lurking behind the wall to the left. It will show up on a subsequent project.

The Gate to the enclosure. Door is removeable. All custom made except for the tiles and stone.

Better lighting to show some of the detail of the temple building since its all black.

Shot back to main gate from inside the enclosure. I have since added stone work to the inside and textured all the stucco walls.

Stone work added inside with the first additions of garden elements. Originally I had made them permanently attached. I removed them so I could have more flexibility and mounted them individually as shown above.

There you have it.

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