Monday, March 9, 2009

Terrain Update for Recruits

Here's the forecourt, enclosure and temple piece completed this weekend. An old Foundry samurai figure is seen standing on the forecourt tiled entry. Red Torii Arch is shown at front of forecourt. can be a part of this piece or a separate piece to a more naturalistic enclosure and temple ground (yet to be constructed).

Painted and flocked all of it casually this weekend Friday, Sat and Sun evenings.

Closer shot of forecourt, enclosure,and temple.

Temple and temple grounds.

Overall of the Torii Arch. Note the wall segments on either side. This attaches to the fieldstone walls that will make up an enclosure that is more flexible than this one.

Looking back out of the Torii Arch.

Through the arch to the main gate.

Main gate at forecourt. The posts are stone posts demarcating the main path. sometime would be strung with colored rope or cord.
Side shot of the enclosure with the temple.

Shot of the temple structure. Homes and other artizan and craftsmen homes and shops were not elaboarte and detailed at the roofline like this one.
Shot of back of gate.

Thats the temple complex.

I need to flock the arch, complete the stone walls, reflock my other temple, then start pulling out all my terrain and trees.

We are going to playtest it an the 21st. Should be fun. We are using Song of Blades and Heroes. 3 warbands left to put on cards and then I am done.

Should probably write my scenarios for my full thrust game. NeoSoviets vs. European Commonwealth.

European Commonwealth

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