Friday, January 8, 2016

Hello fellow lead addicts. Hope you had a great Christmas and New Years! Hope that it was productive on the family, friends, sanity or miniatures fronts.

While I had big plans, I had a much more modest approach when the rubber hit the road.

Favorite thing about vacation:
Sleeping in and then starting the day with Star Wars Battlefront on XBOX One. look for the ole lead addict creepin around. You'll find him there or still playing Titanfall.

I was less productiove on the finishing projects front, but I was pretty effective in a longer project I have been working on. Reboxing my mini cases. I have found the perfect plastic mini boxes that stack great on my bookshelves. I completed the reboxing and lining of my entire painted collections. So that was a big one.

I also got a bunch of figs built and mounted and ready to prime for Dragon Rampant. I now have a Bretonnian, Undead and Elf army mostly ready, a Dwarf army to be painted, and a Chaos Maruader army ready to be painted. Much fun, even though I swore I would never single base a Fantasy Army again in my life. I do have a bunch of new minis from the Dungeon Saga Kickstarter so an Infernal army isn't out of the question.

Hoping to get some painting done to finish off the Bretonnians or Undead this weekend, then the High Elves. Would be nice to button up those three first, then go to the new Armies.

Look at this plastic production model of Conan from the Conan boardgame Kickstarter. Most excellent. Delivery is way late, but honestly, as long as they take their time and delver what was promised at the quality they promised, I am ok. If they take the Mantic route and hurry everything and the end result is marginal, then what a loss. HEre's hoping...

And I failed to mention we have a new protector in the workshop. Cobbled together from teeth of a hell hound and mostly piss and vinegar we now have Bourbon the Protector running around causing havoc and keeping intruders at bay with the other guardians Barley and Reggie. BE afraid. Be very afraid.

Happy painting gang.

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