Thursday, March 8, 2012

A notice, a smile, and a frown

All of you know of my love for Khurusan Miniatures. A simply amazing range of 15mm miniatures that are a must have for 15mm Sci Fi/Post Apoc/Horror/Fantasy gaming. Well hold onto your socks, Jon has just released a huge amount of models for the taking. the story on TMP:

and as you all know of my love for his Post Apoc range that ties so beautifully into my Fallout sweetspot, he finally has powered armor and a new Mutant Warboss. This is one sexy fig:

Painted by my favorite 15mm painter out there, Space Jacker, this guy is definately going in my forces.
Nice job Jacker!

The smile? Well that's for all the love that Khurusan has unleased on us. For some reason the Apocalypse makes me feel better.

The frown? Well that's for the Jasmine Throne Foreign Battalion troops that just seem to be lost in Jump Space. Why does that give me a frown? Well this should make you frown, knowing that these wonderful figs are not released yet:



First two pics painted by Space Jacker, rest of the photos are painted by Steve Dean.

And he even did the Not-Harkolons:

Not-Harks painted by Space Jacker.

Now you know why the frown.

This is the most anticipated 15mm sci fi relaese ever, and I am sure Jon will be buried when he releases them (i will get two of each set).

Good day for 15mm gaming.

Guess I'll keep saving my birthday money.

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Spacejacker said...

I'm sure they aren't far off. AFAIK there is one squad left to be painted before they are released. Jon is just one guy and he releases TONS of figures. I'm still busy catching up on Post-Apoc myself. I feel your pain though, I badly want that Garn guy!