Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Its finished!

The Basement, Workshop, and Closet of Doom are complete! 8 months and its done. I have a really great basement for entertaining and gaming, a great workshop for painting and scratchbuilding, and more storage and access than I have ever had. My wife has been key to me getting this done. So I love you and thank you. She knows how to push me to finish. I'm a great starter. She helps me be a finisher.

I got finished getting my painting bench set up last night, so hopefully so long awaited pics will be taken.

I have decided to start again on my 28mm Nappies so I can be ready for Commands and Colors: Napoleonics when they come out. I am currently doing 6 units of British line and lights, and a unit of hussars. For the Penninsula of course. Next is my small but fun Spanish Army. Then probably some French.

Along the way I am going to do a few units for Cromson skies, and some WWI planes. And start work on my next 15mm sci fi army.

Oh and just cause I am insane, I had the Baron pick me up some 10mm Old Glory ECW to see what our units may look like on 60mm stands. Nothing beats a pike block that looks like a Pike Block.

also got a few packs of the new Blue Moon 15mm Sci fi. Curiousity got the better of me.

And a s a special treat. I got the 15mm Superheroes that they have too. Now I can do 15mm WWWII with supers and my 15mm WWII stuff I already have. Just need to add Gear Kreig gears.

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