Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Charlie Don't Surf

Or CDS is a much anticipated rules set from Too Fat Lardies. Its a very good set of rules for company sized engagements in Vietnam. The smallest operational unit is the squad, so it requires a higher level of tactics than most Vietnam games that you may be used to as squad based skirmish games.

Haven't played them yet but will be. Integral is the card based turn system, which I love and use on games that don't even have one, and the Big Guy system. The Big Guy is the one who makes it all happen. They are the commanders and leaders of the forces. And as such, can lend their direct influence on operations. Its a good system.

I would highly recommend it.

I have socked away a bunch of 28mm TAG Vietnam stuff(brilliant by the way) and models and hueys. Niot much on the way of M113's though and trucks. So could get expensive at $45.00 a pop. I also have a good start on 15mm Vietnam as I was beginning a project on Vietnam for Crossfire! so I can go either way.