Thursday, March 28, 2024

It's Been Over 5 Years!

 Well fellow Addicts, it's been over 5 years since my last post. January of 2019. How time flies.

I haven't stopped or gone away for that matter. I just had many other things pulling me away. But after running a fun couple of games this weekend at March To Victory Con 2024 in Independence, Missouri, I do miss all things mini.

 A little update. For about 15 years we have been roleplaying again. My first love and the thing that got me into miniatures in the first place. We started very infrequent. Usually only on an occasional weekend, with a wide variety of those who wanted to play. When the pandemic started in earnest in March 2020, we decided since we couldn't mini wargame we would roleplay. A lot. We backed away from minis and devoted our old wargaming time to RPGs. Many of us still painted. Some stopped. But playing roleplaying games just were funner than wargaming.

We were all still involved in the Basement Generals, supporting Wiley Games, and all of the mini cons and game days that were a part of it. Hell, Ze Baron owns and runs Wiley Games and it is still putting out great games all the while RPGing too.  

And that brings me to March To Victory 2024. A nice weekend of gaming hosted this year on the downtown square in Independence, Missouri. It's a mini gaming event started by the Ze Baron and Wiley Games since our local con was going to die. A fun but chill event that at Game Cafe in their gaming rooms. There was a nice mix of games going on. Historical, Fantasy, Sci/Fi, Weird World, Post Apoc. Some Wiley Games games and some others as well. 

I put on a Post Apoc game of Wasteland Warriors with my Old Town scenery and bits. We played two games of 6 players. Much fun was had. And much chaos was started, and loot was found.

The game won the Most Unique Game, as voted by the attendees. Thankful for the win. Thanks to the players who seemed to have a good time. The Wastelands are cruel, but some survived.

Here's some pics:



Friday, January 18, 2019

15mm High Elves Update

Here's a quick post holiday break update on my efforts.

Since I am usually of a 1 track mind when I am painting I continue to hammer out the High Elves for my 15mm armies.

Demonworld all, of course. Missing a couple of elite units, Commanders, and Cav units. Cav is always my dessert for an army so I do them last. Almost ready. Anyway. They look good on the table. Once completed. I think I will go back and do the bases for all my 15mm Armies. Empire, Wood Elves, Orcs, Undead, and High Elves so they are done and dusted and ready for proper play and photos. 

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

15mm High Elves Progress

My 15mm Mass Battle Armies continue to roll on. Slowly but surely. I am neck deep in pointy eared aloofness right now.

I have completed:
4 units of heavy spear, 2 units of heavy archers, 2 units of regular swordsmen, 1 unit of lt. shadow warriors, 1 Hero on Hippogriff.

Next up, half naked beserkers with big swords to break up formations, more skirmishers and swordsmen, elites, hvy cav, and bolt throwers.

Monday, April 3, 2017

Some 15mm Squigs for my Orcs

Hey addicts, LA here. Got just a little bit of time for some brushwork this weekend so I busted this unit out for my 15mm Orcs.

Stands of fire and forget artillery for the orcs. If you can control them, you can get them moving forward and then just release them to wreak havoc on the enemy lines before they are destroyed. Flaming pigs basically. But better hope they don't circle back before they get there and attack your lines.

I've got 16 orc horde stands (50mm x 50mm) I'm working on now. They can be used as 1's and 2's or can be one giant horde. They fight in a mob, have very little defense, and will fight till blown and then disappear. Think ancient Germans.

After that, a couple of heavy two handed axe units and some command and the Orcs are pretty much dusted.

High elves are on sticks and primed. They are next.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

A Brief Update from the Workshop of Doom - 15mm Undead

Thought I would post up some 15mm Undead Army pics since I was clearing them off my phone. Been a while.

Another massive 15mm Demonworld Army. Over 50 units and command.Warriors, spears, bows, zombies, heavies, hvy cav, light cav, artillery, command, heroes and some specials. Not great pics but you can see the massiveness of it all. And these aren't recent, so there are another dozen not shown here.

Group shot before the the specials were done. 2 wings and a center. 
Right Wing 
Left Wing
Just a few of the special sub army groups pictured here. Quick pics on the paint table prior to flocking. These are all specialty troops to add some flavor to the ranks and ranks of standard undead fair.
Burning Legion Troops 

Spectral Legion Troops

Death Hurler and Screaming Skull Catapults

Hero and Legion Command of the Spectral Legion
Undead Mega Giant 
Giant with Leader and Hero for size comparison
More pics when I flock them over xmas break. Later folks.

Based for my own Mass Fantasy Battle Rules.


Monday, January 25, 2016

More Forces of Men for Dragon Rampant

Well, according to my plan, I need to finish about 6-8 units of infantry and cav to finish off 3 Human forces for Dragon Rampant. Over the weekend I started and completed (except for the banner) a 12 man archer unit made from old GW Bretonnians. I do all my bases at one time, so that will be an evening in itself. Here's a couple of quick shots. Enjoy:

The Baron is painting a Chaos force so I need to add a monster or something for those hard hitters. 


Orcs! Orcs! Orcs!

I can hear the cries from the villagers now.

Black Tree Designs had a fabulous Mega Sale on their fantasy figs, and at 50% off, they were really too hard to pass up. And since they have the old skool look and feel of OldHammer, well even better. I am a real fan of the old style Orcs from the 80's and 90's.

Besides pig-faced orcs, I always thought that the change from man sized orcs to ogre sized orcs was a real miscue. I know they wanted to make them more menacing and hulking, but they really just look like steroided freaks. If orcs existed in those universes and were as large and ravening as they are depicted, I don't care how much infighting there is the humans would have been dead long ago. No contest.

So I prefer the man-sized, evil and rangy looking greenskins for my orcs. So a nice sized starter army has been bought or regular and wild orcs to fill out my ranks for Dragon Rampant.