Thursday, March 28, 2024

It's Been Over 5 Years!

 Well fellow Addicts, it's been over 5 years since my last post. January of 2019. How time flies.

I haven't stopped or gone away for that matter. I just had many other things pulling me away. But after running a fun couple of games this weekend at March To Victory Con 2024 in Independence, Missouri, I do miss all things mini.

 A little update. For about 15 years we have been roleplaying again. My first love and the thing that got me into miniatures in the first place. We started very infrequent. Usually only on an occasional weekend, with a wide variety of those who wanted to play. When the pandemic started in earnest in March 2020, we decided since we couldn't mini wargame we would roleplay. A lot. We backed away from minis and devoted our old wargaming time to RPGs. Many of us still painted. Some stopped. But playing roleplaying games just were funner than wargaming.

We were all still involved in the Basement Generals, supporting Wiley Games, and all of the mini cons and game days that were a part of it. Hell, Ze Baron owns and runs Wiley Games and it is still putting out great games all the while RPGing too.  

And that brings me to March To Victory 2024. A nice weekend of gaming hosted this year on the downtown square in Independence, Missouri. It's a mini gaming event started by the Ze Baron and Wiley Games since our local con was going to die. A fun but chill event that at Game Cafe in their gaming rooms. There was a nice mix of games going on. Historical, Fantasy, Sci/Fi, Weird World, Post Apoc. Some Wiley Games games and some others as well. 

I put on a Post Apoc game of Wasteland Warriors with my Old Town scenery and bits. We played two games of 6 players. Much fun was had. And much chaos was started, and loot was found.

The game won the Most Unique Game, as voted by the attendees. Thankful for the win. Thanks to the players who seemed to have a good time. The Wastelands are cruel, but some survived.

Here's some pics:




Jaye Wiley said...

took you long enough.

bmg said...

Time flies indeed! It's great to hear that you've rediscovered the joy of mini gaming after all these years, especially during such unique times. Both RPGs and mini games have their own charm, enriching the gaming world in their own ways.