Friday, May 17, 2013

Been a While...

Well, dear readers, it's been a while. I was going at a pretty good clip there, but spring finally sprung and the Rat Race is in full swing, so I have had Zero time for anything gaming related(almost). Just a few things and thoughts til I get back to it:

Zonmbicide - I received Phase II of the Zombicide Season One extras. Great stuff. Same as first release. Quality components and well done by Guillotine Games. I was not pleased that my Not the Girl from Kill Bill, and my Not Samuel L Jackson characters had to be changed so much because of a rights issue wth Paramount, but they are still nice. I didn't get season two. But may when it comes out.

Dwarven Forge Kickstarter - Well we got together as a group and wet all in and got a big set of the painted stuff. A great value if you were wanting a dungeon environment. Good for 28mm and 15mm.  I'll have to create some 15mm doors and furnishings, but with my Hirst Arts, that will be easy.

Reaper Bones - Still waiting on shipments from China. I couldn't have gotten them painted cause I need to finish my Demonworld Empire guys, but would like to get my grubby little mitts on them.

15mm Fantasy - I hope that next week I can get back to painting them, cause I want to finish them so I can move on and paint something else(28mm Spanish? 28mm Sci Fi? 28mm Supers?). I need a break from the 15mm fantasy, but I am going the finish the 2 units of medium cav I have left, and then I will base and flock everything so they are done.

Consolidation - Still really thinking about consolidating my collections. But sinceI have had no time to think about it, no progress has been made.

Terrain - Look at these pics. A Rob Hawkins on the Privateer Press forums did these boards. They are simply amazing. Makes me want to work on Post Apoc or Mordheim terrain.

Trees- So I have been wanting to do a magnet system for my forests for a while. I think the self same modeler who did the Warmachine table has figured out my quandry. He uses earth magnets in short lengths of plastic tube and then in the forest base has a larger tube with a magnet in it. put them in for the game, pull them out when you move troops in, pull them all out for storage. Nice and Simple.

Gaming - Have been playing some board games with the boys and the wife lately. Zombicide, Wits and Wagers, Sword and Skull. Fun and light stuff. And played Poker with Mom on mothers day. See, I was raised that after Sunday dinner/lunch, you broke out your money and the cards and played poker til it was dark. It was a lot of fun, and I knew poker, odds and a lot of card games when I was 6-7. No mercy for the kids either. My grandpa played straight up and that's how you learned to bet, play and be careful with your money. So we have been doing the same with our boys and at 10 and 13, they have been playing cards for about 4 years. And they also got to play poker with their Grandpa before he passed away. They will always have that memory.

BAsement Generals - The BG's march on. Quality gaming every thursday is the slogan. and it always delivers. I have been absent more than not as of late(football, work, life), but got a really fun game of Supersystem 2 last night (we don't like how vanilla SS3 got). Golden Age Brawl with the Allies against the new Supermight of the Japanese Divine Wind. And the Allies destroyed them. Some tweaking and some additional Archetypes need to be filled in(shooter, healer, mind controller) but they will be a force to reckon with once worked out. I always forget how much I love this game when we don't play it for a while, and how utterly frutrating you can be by certain power combos. Its the beauty of the game. Find a way to beat them or come back next time with a better plan. Its really the classic comic story. thanks for hosting Baron and thanks for a fun game BG's. I think Scott and I won together, on the same team, for the first time ever.

Enjoy the spring and summer, keep playing and keep painting. More when something is going on.

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PMMDJ said...

That is some lovely terrain.

BaronVonJ said...

My pleasure